Well, let’s look at these English

You’re nothing to me. 你对我来说什么都不是
Don’t give me your excuses/No more excuses. 别找借口
Nonsense! 一派胡言
You asked for it. 这是你自找的
Get over yourself. 别自以为是
It’s not my fault. 那不是我的错
You look guilty. 你看上去好心虚
That’s your problem. 那是你的事情
Who do you think you’re talking to? 你以为你在跟谁说话?
That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! 那是我听过的最蠢的事!
You’ll be sorry. 你会后悔的
You’ve ruined everything. 全让你给搞砸了
I can’t take you any more! 我再也受不了你了
I’m telling you for the last time! 我最后警告你一次
I can’t believe a word you say. 你说的话我一句都不信
Don’t push me! 别逼我
Enough is enough! 够了够了
Don’t waste my time anymore. 别再浪费我的时间了
Don’t make so much noise.I’m working. 别吵,我在干活
It’s unfair. 太不公平了
What do you think you are doing? 你知道你在做什么吗
Stop complaining! 别发牢骚
Are you bluffing me? 你当我是吓大的
You eat with that mouth? 你就是用这张臭嘴吃饭的吗
Put up or shut up! 你行你上啊,不行别BB
Fuck you! 他妈的
You are dead. 你死定了
You have a lot of nerve. 你脸皮可真厚
I’ve had enough of your garbage. 我听腻了你的废话
What do you want? 你想怎样
Do you know what time it is? 你知道现在都几点了吗
What were you thinking! 你脑子进水了?
How can you say that? 你怎么能这么说
Don’t look at me like that. 别那样看着我
You make me so mad. 你把我气疯了
Don’t give me your shoot. 收起你的鬼话
A room temperature IQ. 瞧你那跟室温一样高的智商
Lucky bastard! 狗屎运
Wise up! 放聪明点
How low-class! 真低级
Don’t play innocent! 别装蒜
If I were to slap you,it would be considered animal abuse! 打你都算是虐动物
You’re just a piece of shit! 你他妈的就是一坨屎
You shouldn’t have done that! 你真不应该那样做
You’re never too old to learn something stupid. 你可真是活到老蠢到老

Look at this mess! 看看这烂摊子
Why on earth didn’t you tell me the truth? 你到底为什么不跟我说实话
I’m about to explode! 老子要气炸了
I’m not going to put up with this! 我忍够了
I never want to see your face again! 我再也不要看到你这张脸
Just look at what you’ve done! 看看你都干了什么好事
I wish I had never met you. 遇到你算我倒霉
You’re a disgrace. 丢死人了你
Don’t you dare come back again! 你敢再回来试试看
Cut it out. 省省吧
Leave me alone. 走开别烦我
Take a hike! 一边玩蛋去
You piss me off. 气死爹了
It’s none of your business. 不关你的事
Mind your own business! 先管好你自己的事吧
How dare you! 你好大的胆子
You stupid jerk! 你这蛇精病
You chicken! 你这胆小鬼
You make me sick! 你真让我恶心透了
What’s wrong with you/what’s your proble? 你怎么回事
I’m very disappointed. 我太失望了
Don’t talk to me like that! 别那样和我说话
Who do you think you are? 你以为你是哪根葱
Are you insane/crazy/out of you mind? 你疯了吗
Don’t bother me. 少烦我
Knock it off. 别跟我来这套
Get out of my face. 快从我眼前消失
Stop screwing/fooling/messing around! 别鬼混了
You’re just a good for nothing bum! 你就是一个废物
You’ve gone too far! 你太过分了
Can’t you do any thing right? 成事不足,败事有余
You’re impossible. 你真不可救药
Get away from me! 有多远滚多远
Get out of my life. 滚出我的生活
You’re a joke! 你就是一个笑话
Don’t give me your attitude. 别跟我摆架子
What are you trying to say? 你到底想说什么
Don’t be silly. 别胡闹了
How strong are you glasses? 你近视多少度
Just because. 没有别的原因
It isn’t the way I hoped it would be. 这不是我所盼望的
You will never guess. 你永远猜不到
No one could do anything about it. 众人对此束手无策
I saw something deeply disturbing. 深感事情不妙
Money is a good servant but a bad master. 要做金钱的主人,莫作金钱的奴隶

I am not available. 我正忙着
Wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand. 脑中的知识比手中的金钱更重要
Never say die.it’s a piece of cake.别泄气,那只是小菜一碟
Don’t worry.you’ll get use to it soon. 别担心,很快你就会习惯的
I know how you feel. 我明白你的感受
You win some.you lost some. 胜败乃兵家常事
Don’t bury your head in the sand. 不要逃避现实
I didn’t expect you to such a good job. 我没想到你干的这么好
You are coming alone well. 你做得挺顺利
She is well-build. 她的身材真棒
A dog’s life. 潦倒的生活
The man lived a dog’s life. 这个人生活潦倒
A to Z. 从头至尾
I know that from A to Z. 我很了解这件事
Above somebody. 深奥
Well,this sort of talk is above me. 我不懂你们在讲什么
All ears. 全神贯注的倾听着
When you tell Mary some gossip,she is all ears. 跟Mary讲一些小道消息,她会听得仔仔细细
All the more. 更加,益发
You’ll be all the better for a holiday. 度一次假,对你会更有好处
All dressed up. 打扮得整整齐齐
She is all dressed up and nowhere to go. 她打扮得整整齐齐却无处炫耀
All in all. 总的来说;最心爱的东西
The daughter is all in all to him. 女儿是他的无价宝
All out. 竭尽全力
They went all out. 他们鼓足了干劲
All over. 全部结束;浑身,到处
Glad,it is all over. 这事全部结束了,好得很
I’m wet all over. 我浑身都湿了
All set. 准备就绪
Blind alley. 死胡同
You are heading into a blind alley. 你正在钻牛角尖
Blow hot and cold. 摇摆不定
Blow one’s own trumpet. 自吹自擂
Don’t blow your own trumpet. 不要自吹自擂了
Born with a silver in one’s mouth. 出生在富贵人家
Bland new 崭新的
A bland new coat. 新衣服
Break the ice. 打破沉默
By a blow. 无意中的一击
Can’t stand it any longer. 不能再忍受了
I can’t stand it any longer,I quit. 我再也忍受不了了,我走

Carry something too far. 过火了
Castle in the sky. 海市蜃楼
You plan is nearly a castle in the sky. 你的计划简直就是空想
Cats got one’s tongue. 哑口无言
Chain smoker. 老烟枪
Come up with. 产生,想出
Let me come up with some ideas. 让我想一想
Come easily. 容易
Languages come easily to some people. 有些人能够很容易地掌握语言
Cup of tea. 喜爱的人/命运
Cut it out. 停住,住嘴
Cut it out! I can’t stand you any longer. 不再做下去,停止(某种活动)
Let us call it a day,stop. 这一天工作够了,停工吧
Dark horse. 黑马
Dear John letter. 绝交信
Do someone good. 对某人有好处
Do you get me? 你明白我的意思吗
Doesn’t count. 这次不算
Doesn’t make sense. 不懂;没有任何意义
Down and out. 穷困潦倒
Drive at. 用意,意欲
What’s he driving at? 他用意何在
Drop in. 偶然拜访
Drop me a line. 写信给我
Early bird. 早起的人
The early bird catches the worm. 捷足先登
Easy come easy go. 来得快去的也快
Eat my words. 收回前言,认错道歉
Face the music. 直面困难
Face up to 勇敢的面对某事
Fed up. 厌倦
Feel free to do something. 不要拘束
Few and far between. 很少,稀少
French leave. 不辞而别
Give me a headache. 让人头痛
Give me a hand. 帮我一下
Go dutch. AA制
God bless you. 上帝保佑你
God knows. 天知道
Got it? 明白了吗
You look neat and fresh. 你看起来很清纯
You have a beautiful personality. 你的气质很好
You flatter me immensely. 你过奖啦
You should be slow to judge others. 你不应该随意评论别人
I hope you will excuse me if i make any mistake. 如有任何错误,请你原谅

It was quite by accident. 真是始料不及
I wish i had all the time I’d ever wasted,so I could waste it all over again. 我希望所有被我浪费的时间重新回来,让我再浪费一遍
I like you the way you were. 我喜欢你以前的样子
You two go ahead to the movie without me,i don’t want to be a third wheel. 你们两个自己去看电影吧,我不想当电灯泡
Do you have anyone in mind? 你有心上人吗
How long have you known her? 你认识她多久了
It was love at frist sight. 一见钟情
A piece of one’s mind. 直言不讳
Don’t shift responsibility onto others. 不要把责任推卸到别人身上
A cat and dog life. 水火不相容的生活
All you have to do 需要做的是
As easy as falling of a log/as easy as snapping your fingers/as easy as ABC 容易得很
To me,a good story teller,it would be as easy as falling of a log. 对我来说,讲个故事还不是随手拈来
As busy as a bee. 非常忙
At one’s fingertips. 了如指掌(e.g: how to get at that little island is at his fingertips.他知道怎么去那个小岛)
At one’s wit’s end. 智穷
Don’t ask him.it is also at his wit’s end. 不要问他了,他也不知道
Big shot. 大人物,大亨
He is a big shot in our little town. 败家子,害群之马
Every family has a black sheep. 家家有本难念的经
Black and blue. 遍体鳞伤
Black and white. 白纸黑字

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